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Sony blog fumbles Bioshock announcement

Three Speech is Sony's mouthpiece blog, and while that's a good thing—I enjoy when a company speaks to us directly—the quality of information we get from them is sometimes suspect. We have the whole back and forth about Warhawk going download/Blu-ray release, and now we get the exciting news that Bioshock is coming to the PS3. But wait! It's not! On April 6 Three Speech ran a post about upcoming PS3 games, and included this tidbit: 苏州美睫美甲

Another hotly anticipated title from 2K Games (also appearing on Xbox
360) is BioShock. BioShock’s lineage can be traced back to the revered
System Shock 2. Essentially an RPG, although it majors on shooting,
BioShock will certainly be one of the most visually stunning games ever
– it’s set in an abandoned underwater city built by a billionaire in
the Art Deco style.

Of course the news spread like a wave across the gaming media, but just as soon as I began to mix my metaphors, 2K Games threw water on that fire by contacting the media outlets to let them know there will be no such port. The next day Three Speech was updated to include this post:

Um, scratch what was said in the previous story about Bioshock. We’ll confirm either way as soon as we can. Meantime, consider Three Speech’s Easter eggs confiscated…

Addition to this story. There is currently no indication that Bioshock will come out on the PS3. Apologies for the previously inaccurate information. Steve Boxer will now not get any Easter eggs next year, either.

With the news of exclusives leaving the PS3, this would have been a solid win for Sony. The question remains: where did Three Speech get this information to begin with? Some commenters have noted that this could mean the game will be a timed exclusive and Three Speech reported on it earlier than they should have, but the bolded section of the above post seems to contradict that idea. Of course, it's not like we haven't been lied to in the past about ports, so hope yet remains.

If you ask me, Bioshock looks like a good game; everyone who wants to buy it should be able to. As long as the port is high-quality and takes advantage of what both systems can do, port it as much as you want. You get more money, we get the game. Win-win.