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Plugins for the Apple TV: RSS and Perl scripts

Apple TV plugins have been rolling in, some with more utility to the average user than others. Two that popped up over the weekend caught my attention though. The first of which is an RSS plugin (beta 1) from twenty08. The plugin will allow the Apple TV to read RSS1.x/2.x feeds, but not ATOM feeds just yet. Not that you'd really want to read through your RSS feeds from the couch, but hey, some people might, right? Right. The plugin package includes a folder and a file—the latter of which can be modified to include whichever RSS feeds you'd like to be displayed onscreen. One important tip to keep in mind, though: 苏州美睫美甲

The last bit of extremely important information is this can not run with our Sports Scores plugin at this time. It causes the AppleTV app to continuously crash and and respawn until you turn off the device. We’re working to resolve this issue, but the AppleTV plugin technology is new to everyone, so give us a bit of time and we’ll get it right

What would be really nifty is if someone could figure out a way to integrate the RSS plugin on the Apple TV with a screensaver, like the one built into OS X, that displays feeds when the computer (or Apple TV in this case) is just sitting around.

The second plugin comes from the O'Reilly MacDevCenter's illustrious Erica Sadun. She spent her boring Easter weekend writing a plugin that allows users to run Perl scripts from their Apple TV home directories.

The idea is this: a lot of people know how to write Perl who don’t want to learn to program Cocoa. And you can add new scripts from your normal office work computer (via ssh) but have them all available from Apple TV. You can do date & time, calendars, stock quotes, weather, and so forth. Scrape web pages, subscribe to RSS feeds, whatever.

Indeed, it seems as if such a plugin could prove useful to those who are savvy with Perl, and opens up all sorts of possibilities for small little programming jobs on the Apple TV.

We'll continue to keep an eye out for useful Apple TV hacks and plugins. Feel free to let me know if you've got one in mind (or written one yourself, even) that you think would make for a good mention here.