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More colors, marketing, features can’t come Zune enough

Reports are flying around that Microsoft is preparing for a new offensive on the portable media player front. Coming, er, Zune, are new colors—including pink—as well as rumors of new functionality and possibly even a flash-based version. "We will add features to the device, and by the upcoming holidays we will have news around TV, video and podcasting support," said Jason Reindorp, Microsoft's marketing director for Zune. 苏州美睫美甲

Microsoft is planning on bumping up the advertising for the Zune as well. "We have a second wave of marketing and advertising coming out next month," Reindorp said. "We had spiked over the holiday period but naturally tapered out."

The Redmond-based company did not reveal exactly how much they were planning to spend to advertise the Zune this time, but it won't be earth-shattering. "It is not as much as the launch spend, but it is still a good sum," said Reindorp. Considering that the only time I ever saw any mention of the Zune in the mainstream media was when Conan O'Brien briefly made fun of it on an Actual Items piece, it seems that Microsoft may have to try a little harder if they want to put a dent in the iPod juggernaut.

Microsoft has a 10 percent share of the hard drive-based media player market according to research firm NPD, and the company says it is on track to ship one million Zunes by June of this year. Apple, in comparison, routinely sells over ten million iPods per quarter. But Microsoft's isn't ready to throw in the towel just yet. "We are developing Zune as an 'entertainment' brand, which means it will include music, video and games," Reindorp says. "But will there be XBox-like games on the device? We don't know yet. We are still thinking through our games strategy."