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Microsoft gives Outlook 2007 a speed boost

After some users with large Outlook 2007 Personal Folders (pst files) complained about the e-mail client running slowly, Microsoft released a patch last week that is said to improve the application's performance. According to the patch's description, it fixes two problems: the first where a calendar item is marked as private if it is opened by the Search Desktop feature, and the second being the performance issue. 苏州美睫美甲

Functionality that should become more responsive after applying the update includes:

Downloading messages from ExchangeDeleting messagesMoving and copying messagesSwitching between messagesOutlook startup

Microsoft's Jessica Arnold said that the performance problems were unapparent until now because of the lack of users running Outlook 2007. "I can't say that this will 100% solve the latency issues, but users should see a big improvement," she told ComputerWorld. Even with the patch, Arnold warned that Outlook is not an archiving system for all your files. "Outlook wasn't designed to be a file dump; it was meant to be a communications tool. There is that fine line, but we don't necessarily want to optimize the software for people that store their e-mail in the same .PST file for 10 years."

For users who continue to experience problems with Outlook 2007, Microsoft has created a list of recommendations that could give the program a speed boost. Of course, the first two suggestions are to delete items from your mailbox and archive old messages. Basically, don't use your inbox as a message archive.

The update, KB933493, is available from the Microsoft Download Center.