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Mario is sexier than Sonic: more on the Sonic\/Mario Olympics title

Access is a funny thing. You need access to get the stories, but with that much power in the hands of the big names, it can be hard to keep your own voice and hold onto that access at the same time. This is why I'm such a big fan of N'Gai Croal: with the Newsweek name behind him he's able to get the juicy interviews, and he always asks a decent question or two. This, I shouldn't have to tell you, is rare. Croal was able to ask both Perrin Kaplan and Simon Jeffery, from Nintendo and Sega respectively, a few questions about the upcoming Olympics collaboration between Sonic and Mario. Let's start with this jewel: HangZhou Night Net

Why does Mario get top billing over Sonic?

Jeffery: Perrin, do you want to take that one?

Jeffery: Sega's being respectful. Mario is older than Sonic, and we'd like to give the old man some respect by letting him go first.

Kaplan: Here's the bottom line: He's Italian, he's really sexy, and he can get more women than Sonic.

I don't know if Perrin Kaplan has played the latest Sonic the Hedgehog, because Sonic and the princess share some interspecies sexual tension in that particular title. And the princess was voiced by Lacey Chabert. Points to Sonic on that one. We also know that Shigeru Miyamoto is giving this game some attention, which makes me very hopeful for the finished product.

Kaplan: Well, I have to say that while, yes, Miyamoto does touch a lot of the products, it varies in terms of how much time he spends. The fact that we're very publicly stating his involvement means that he will have more involvement than sort of the average game. It's definitely something he will spend time with.

Jeffery: Also, the fact that this isn't a Nintendo game–it's a Sega and Nintendo game–to have Miyamoto's involvement at this level is unprecedented.

Sega and Nintendo working together, with Shiggy's involvement. We're through the looking glass here, people.