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Joost 0.9 for Mac “biggest release yet”

By now, many of you have been able to score invitations from various friends and strangers to try out Joost on your Macs, the P2P video service once known as The Venice Project. Well, the Joost team has pushed out another version today, bringing the software to version 0.9 and the "biggest release yet." Considering that it's the second release for the Mac, that's… pretty impressive, I guess? 苏州美睫美甲

What can be found in Joost 0.9 that wasn't there in Joost 0.8? The Joost team has now redone the registration and login process for when you first start up the program, as well as moved the invitation system to the program itself—not just the web site anymore. The "invitation" widget is located in the "My Joost" area, if you're just dying to check it out. The Joost team has also added a standby mode to the program, which pauses all video and minimizes the program to your taskbar. This sounds like the perfect emergency strategy for those times when you're watching Joost on your computer at work and the boss comes by.

Other improvements to the software include how Joost handles poor network performance. In an attempt to make your viewing experience better, Joost "will attempt to retry and restart streams that have become stalled." They've also done a little bit of spring cleaning to the user interface and the addition of a dialog box when you enter into window mode—they're well aware of the text squishing problem, and still appear to be perplexed by it.

On top of all of that, Joost has added the ability for shows to have "overlays," which is extra content that may come with various shows, and a "considerably improved" channel catalog. Some less exciting updates include the addition of an age warning, rewind and forward seeking additions, and the addition of an RSS reader (of all things) into the software.

All in all, it is indeed quite a hefty update even if most of the added functionality don't change too much about how the user views the content. The file is 17MB from Joost's website and you must still have an invite in order to participate in the beta. Oh, and please, don't start sending me e-mails asking for invites this time!