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Guitar Hero 2 for the 360 is here; a few thoughts inside

"So you play the game with a plastic guitar?" 苏州美睫美甲


"Is this for your kids or something?"


I'm trying to keep my cool, but dealing with the register monkey is driving me crazy. Just give me Guitar Hero 2! The gentleman finally decides to shut up and sell it to me, then looks annoyed when I want a second guitar. But nothing can dampen my enthusiasm as I bound home with my $150 in purchases. Guitar Hero on the 360 is not an inexpensive game to get into, that's for sure. Also,it may take some running. In my area, I had to visit three stores before I found both the game and an extra guitar. Your mileage, as always, may vary.

I'm going to save the in-depth thoughts for the big review, but a few things stood out on my first few songs. First, I'm not doing very well, butevery time I get a new guitar it takes me a night or two to break it in and get comfortable with it. The buttons seem closer together on the 360 guitar controller than they do on the PS2 original, but overall it feels solid. While the cable looks long, I found that it's still a little short for my taste. I leaned back into a solo and almost toppled my 360. A USB extension cable may be in order here.

We also have another game that supports 1080p on the 360, but Guitar Hero was never meant to be a graphical powerhouse. Still, it's nice to know the option is there if your display supports it. We also know from the game directionsthat the jack on the guitar will be used for upcoming effects pedals, which I look forward to checking out. I'm not so sure about the mobile version of the game confirmed by the press release sent out two days ago, though. I don't see playing Guitar Hero on a phone and having a good time. I'm open to being surprised.

I haven't gotten far, but the master track of "Possum Kingdom" sounds great and is an excellent choice as a new song. I'm looking forward to the leaderboards to see how I stack up against other players, whichmay be a good incentive to up your score again and again, and should be a good way tobuild in longevity to the title.

Who else picked it up?