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Bungie releases two new Halo 2 maps today

Today Bungie and Microsoft drop two new Halo 2 maps on the masses of the Internets. The maps are titled Tombstone and Desolation, and are remakes of the classic maps Hang 'em High and Derelict. At $4 for the pack, this is a solid buy if you're still playing Halo 2 and have fond memories of those maps. Of course, Halo 2 doesn't know that there is such a thing as Xbox Live on the 360, so paying for the content is going to require a credit card. 苏州美睫美甲

…we can't use Xbox Live Marketplace—it obviously doesn’t exist on the old Xbox. So this will be one of the last times you use a credit card proper to buy a map. In the Halo 2 game interface, you simply select the download option from the main interface, and it will show the new content there. This likely won't ever be available on a disc, like the last maps, so this is your only method for the moment. These maps could in theory be made free eventually, like last time, but the truth is that we’ll have moved on to Halo 3 by then and it won’t be a priority. So don't hold your breath.If you don't have a credit card, simply buy a $4 Visa gift card at a supermarket. Bam!

For simplicity's sake most Halo 2 players are going to drop the money for this content—without these two maps the new matchmaking playlists will simply tell you to buy the map if it rolls around. If one member of your crew buys the maps, odds are you will too, just to be able to play in all the playlists without interruption… a kind of peer-pressure to avoid bumps in play.

If you've had a chance to play these, what did you think?