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Boba Fetts rejoice: $1,000 bounty for Apple TV USB storage patch


With all of the bounties being offered for Apple TV hacks, you can practically turn a hobby hacking the device into a career. Some of the bounties are a bit small, sure, but there are also some big fish out there.

One of the big bounties is a $1,000 prize being offered by AppleTVHacks and FatWallet to anyone who can patch the Apple TV to use external USB storage. With the USB port working reasonably well, discussion has now turned to the use of external hard drives for the storage of media, which could bump up the device's capacity significantly. The bounty also requires that the extra storage be invisible to users, meaning that it's targeted at the average user rather than the uncommon hacker.

Along with the bounty, though, is a reasonably large list of rules for what does and doesn't count. Aside from the usage requirements above, the big thing here is that they bounty specifically calls for a "patch," meaning that whatever you use to get USB storage working must be installable and removeable without opening the case. You're allowed to patch the kernel, but you cannot replace the OS or have the Apple TV boot from the external drive.

One word of caution, though: there's no specific mention of who owns the patch once submitted, so if you're thinking of submitting, I would get in touch with them and make sure you're very clear on what they can do with submitted patches before you throw your hat in the ring. Unless of course you don't mind giving away your work for free before winning the prize. Then by all means go for it.

If you've read this far and your name is Boba Fett, Duane Chapman, or you just like hacking the Apple TV, the folks offering the bounty recommend the AwkwardTV USB page as a good starting point, and there are also some clarifications in the comments. Happy hunting!