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Azureus gives Zudeo HD video service a new moniker: Vuze

Don't call it "Zudeo"—the real, final, actual name of the new Azureus hi-def BitTorrent service is "Vuze." This is apparently a hipster spelling of "views," which is what Vuze hopes users will do with the new service. The company is counting on voracious consumer demand for high-definition content, and they don't believe that current streaming technology is good enough to deliver reliable HD video in real-time. HangZhou Night Net

Vuze requires the use of a modified Azureus application that downloads the clips in question using BitTorrent but also processes payments for protected content and searches for new content. Since launching the service as a beta late last year, Azureus has managed to reel in more than 2 million unique users a month, according to the company.

Those users come to find HD content from major networks and indie producers alike. While Vuze touts its openness to independent filmmakers, the service has also built up a nice network of established content partners. The BBC, Showtime, A&E, the History Channel, and National Geographic all have deals in place with Vuze to offer their content, but much of this is currently in standard definition only. For a site touting its HD video, it's unfortunate that so many of the big-name episodes are only DVD quality.

Depending on the content, clips can be purchased or rented. BBC TV shows appear to run $0.99 an episode, but prices vary by producer. Showtime, for instance, gives away single episodes of its drama in an effort to attract viewers.

Despite the name change and the addition of new navigation and search tools, the service remains in beta.