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Apple bumps Mac Pro to 8 cores at 3 GHz

The Mac Pro, Apple's flagship desktop Mac, is now available in an 8-core configuration, sporting two quad-core Intel Clovertown CPUs clocked at 3 GHz. It seems I was wrong in an earlier article after all. 苏州美睫美甲

According to performance tests done by Apple, the new octo is about 50 percent faster than the 3GHz quad at modo 203 and Maya 8.5 3D rendering and the Cinebench 9.5 rendering test. It's also between a factor 2 and a factor 3.1 faster than the 2.5GHz quad G5. However, the octo is suspiciously missing in action in the Final Cut Pro rendering and encoding tests, suggesting that it doesn't perform significantly faster than the earlier models here. The 3GHz quad is only at most 40 percent faster than the 2.5GHz G5 quad, anyway. On the other hand, the octo isn't listed in many of the other tests either, so it's of course possible that Apple didn't manage to perform the full range of tests yet.

Apple boasts that the Mac Pro is available in no less than 33 million different configurations. For the CPUs, the other choices are two dual-core Woodcrests at 2, 2.66, or 3GHz, with all configurations having a 1.33GHz 64-bit front side bus. Memory can be 1, 2, 4, 8 or 16GB in FB-DIMMs. The four drive bays accommodate between 250GB and 3TB worth of storage, with individual 3Gbps SATA channels per bay. The default GPU is a NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GT with 256MB RAM, but other choices are the ATI Radeon X1900 XT or the the NVIDIA Quadro FX 4500, both with 512MB RAM, or two, three or four GeForce 7300s.

You may want to sit down before clicking the "buy now" button. The base configuration for a dual 2.66GHz model with 1GB RAM isn't too bad at $2499, but the 8-core model is $3997. I'd say that 4GB is the minimum amount of RAM for such a beast, which brings the total to $4696. Did I mention that it's rated to draw as much as 1300 watts?